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  • M&A Directions

    Your Business: What’s It Worth to You?

    July 21, 2014

    By Frank D. Steenburgh As we’ve seen more than once in recent years, well-off political figures can embarrass themselves when they give mushy answers to questions about how much personal wealth they actually have. The printing business, thankfully, doesn’t...

  • Systemic Success

    Philip Beyer

    Too Many Wimpy Bosses

    By Philip Beyer | July 28, 2014

    What is it in many people today that makes them feel so ENTITLED to equal status, even as a new hire, that they seem to lack the ability to show respect for those who have seniority or ownership in a business?

  • Bill Prettyman

    Take Time to Reflect

    July 29, 2014

    Do you ever feel as if you do not have time to reflect on your life and the direction you are going? I know that I feel that way at times. There are life phases when I am caught up in lots of activity without time to reflect on my life, and those are the [...] The post Take Time to Reflect appeared first on Bill Prettyman.

  • Rock Around the Block

    Ten Amazing Things to Do After Selling Your Printing Business

    July 23, 2014

    Why do many business owners refuse to sell their businesses?  It’s not because they don’t want to retire.  It’s because they don’t know what to do after they retire.  Which is why we’ve created a list of 10 ways you can create a magical life after selling your business. Isn’t it funny that when you’re younger, all you want to do is sell your business and retire to the easy life?  But when that time arrives, as it has for many baby boomers, that doesn’t seem like such a great idea? This occurs because a business is a huge part of an

  • Business Sense & Sensibility

    Carl Gerhardt

    Seven Words You Can’t Say

    By Carl Gerhardt, Chairman, Alliance Franchise Brands | June 30, 2014

    I’ve heard the following seven words a time or two when visiting our franchise members: "We have never done it that way." It’s human nature to continue doing the things we believe will work rather than something that requires taking a risk...or something suggested by a staff member, a fellow shop owner or business advisor.

  • Mr. Magazine

    Coming Home: God Bless Magazines…One. A Magazine and Bella Grace: Two Blessed Beauties

    July 28, 2014

    As some of you may know, I took a much-needed vacation during the month of July to visit family (and newsstands) in Lebanon. It was nice to find upon my return to the office that the publishing world continued on without Mr. Magazine™, even though I’m sure it was extremely difficult – please note the […]

  • The Target Report

    June 2014 –Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring in the Printing, Packaging & Related Industries

    July 06, 2014

    The newest old company, Time Inc., was very busy in June. The venerable publisher of magazines, including household names such as Time, Fortune, People, and Sports Illustrated, was spun off from Time Warner, separating the aging print-centric parent from its progeny’s profitable entertainment and programming businesses. As its retirement gift, the new Time Inc. has been saddled with $1.3 billion of debt, as well as responsibility for a group of underperforming British magazines. With more than 90 titles in print, Time Inc. is challenged by the continuing and steady decline in magazine circulation which in turn has driven revenue down

  • Ussery Printing Blog

    Impressive Examples Of Creative Print Ad Campaigns

    June 20, 2014

    Our printing colleagues at SaxoPrint, in the UK, came up with this wonderful, exhaustive, list of ‘Impressive Examples Of Creative Print Ad Campaigns’ based on Creative Advertising by Mario Pricken. We could spend all day admiring some of the best examples in the printing world! Crossword Bookstores, Audio books 3M Lint Roller Toyota FJ Cruiser 4×4   Combine and connect […]

  • Cup-a-Joe blog

    The Cost Vs. Price Conundrum

    July 10, 2014

    My associate in Southern California, Bob Lindgren, has been extremely vocal through the years/decades about the myths of budgeted hourly rates, and he recently wrote these thoughts, “If we accept that we are revenue maximizers and also accept (regretfully) that we don’t have perfect knowledge, we ned a systematic approach to predict the maximum price […]

  • Management Counts

    Ray Chambers

    Adapting to Change

    By Ray Chambers | May 28, 2014

    If you ever set type by hand, if you’ve ever operated a Linotype or a Ludlow, if the terms “slug” or “chase” or “foundry” or “Hell Box” bring back thoughts of “back in the day,” you may relate to this story. No, this isn’t a story of nostalgia, and I won’t try to convince you how great things used to be. In fact, if you are familiar enough with a letterpress shop to remember the heat and the noise, I don’t have to tell you how much things have improved as we evolved into today’s digital print technologies.