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  • M&A Directions

    Why Buyers and Sellers Must Be Confidential Agents

    September 12, 2014

    By James A. Russell In our column in the October issues of Printing Impressions and packagePRINTING , my New Directions Partner colleague Albert J. Reijmer and I will tackle the subject of preserving confidentiality in activities related to mergers and...

  • Systemic Success

    Philip Beyer

    Daily Routines—Not So Routine

    | August 25, 2014

    As a business grows, the complexity of the operation often multiplies exponentially. This happened to Linda, owner of a thriving commercial printing company, who was seeking a solution to get a handle on the daily operations. I remember the day Linda and her husband Ron flew down to Tennessee to pay us a visit.

  • Bill Prettyman

    Accomplish More by Doing Less in Your Print Business

    September 04, 2014

    Are you frustrated at times with your progress in your printing industry job or print business? I know I am at times, and when this happens I have to remind myself that I am probably trying to do too much. At these times, I need to take the time to re-examine what my most important [...] The post Accomplish More by Doing Less in Your Print Business appeared first on Bill Prettyman.

  • Rock Around the Block

    Eight Reasons Why a Strategic Buyer is Right for Your Business

    September 10, 2014

      Questions abound for the owner selling a printing or print-related business, but one of the biggest has to be: Who is the ideal buyer for my business?  For perspective on one potential option, I tapped the expertise of one of the most astute strategic buyers in the industry. If you’re not familiar with the M&A process, two types of buyers make the bulk of the acquisitions: A strategic buyer, and a financial buyer. ●      A strategic buyer typically is a company that provides products or services in the same industry as the seller, and acquires other companies that can be a strategic

  • Business Sense & Sensibility

    Carl Gerhardt

    It's OK to Spill a Little

    By Carl Gerhardt, Chairman, Alliance Franchise Brands | September 10, 2014

    Too often I find many small-business people to be too conservative. I don’t mean in the political sense. I mean they become too risk-adverse and afraid to take on new things because they are "too busy."

  • Mr. Magazine

    Time Inc. Is “Ripping” Away The Past And Getting Ready For The Next 100 Years. An Exclusive Mr. Magazine™ One-Hour Conversation With Joe Ripp, CEO and Chairman, Time Inc.

    September 12, 2014

    “I’ve been very clear; I think print is around for the next 25 years. Print will be around for a long time. It’s in a slow decline. There’s always going to be room for someone to sit down with a magazine on a cozy afternoon and read a great magazine. That is always going to […]

  • The Target Report

    August 2014 –Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring in the Printing, Packaging & Related Industries

    September 07, 2014

    Mailing and fulfillment service companies are aggressively moving upstream into printing, graphic design and data management services. Streamworks, in Arden Hills, Minnesota, jumped up the value ladder and acquired Imagewërks Marketing, a design and production boutique, also located in Arden Hills. The acquired company had itself evolved over three decades from a printing company into a “comprehensive marketing company.” The buyer, Streamworks, also has been a work-in-progress, having been formed just last year when Action, a direct mail and fulfillment company, joined with Expedite Direct Mail & Fulfillment, a provider of printing and direct mail services. The newly combined entities

  • Ussery Printing Blog

    Planning Makes Projects Flow Smoothly When Readying Files For Your Printer

    September 12, 2014

    Going to a printer without having your files properly prepared is like gambling at a casino: you don’t know what quality the finished product will be. While it is easier than ever to get files ready, knowing some basic guidelines will ensure professionalism and optimum efficiency from the outset of your print project. Check color […]

  • Cup-a-Joe blog

    Interesting Week

    September 14, 2014

    As a sports fan and as a competitive athlete (note — I didn’t say good!), I’ve been following the firestorm which was ignited this week regarding the NFL and it’s leader Goodell. I’ve also been married for over four decades to a women who specialized as a psychological therapist in helping women who were sexually […]

  • Management Counts

    Ray Chambers

    Adapting to Change

    By Ray Chambers | May 28, 2014

    If you ever set type by hand, if you’ve ever operated a Linotype or a Ludlow, if the terms “slug” or “chase” or “foundry” or “Hell Box” bring back thoughts of “back in the day,” you may relate to this story. No, this isn’t a story of nostalgia, and I won’t try to convince you how great things used to be. In fact, if you are familiar enough with a letterpress shop to remember the heat and the noise, I don’t have to tell you how much things have improved as we evolved into today’s digital print technologies.