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  • M&A Directions

    Seeing It Your Way—and Theirs—In an M&A

    April 11, 2014

    By Albert J. Reijmer If you've decided to grow your business by acquisition, it follows that you're thinking like a buyer. But, can you think like a seller as well? You'll need to move nimbly from one mindset to another as you strategize the purchase that...

  • Systemic Success

    Philip Beyer

    Truth is Greater Than Fiction

    By Philip Beyer | April 21, 2014

    So, take the entertainment industry—PLEASE! But, seriously—let's look at some TRUTHS and also some of the FICTION or MYTHS about business. Before I begin, let me assure you, the point of this blog is not to off-handedly criticize the entertainment industry, but to make what I think you'll agree is a valid point.

  • Bill Prettyman


    April 24, 2014

    Do you remember the last time you were inspired by someone else? What did that feel like? Think about it for a moment…I am sure it was a great feeling. As a result of being inspired, you may have been ready to start your own business, run a marathon, fearlessly make a sales call on [...] The post Inspire! appeared first on Bill Prettyman.

  • Rock Around the Block

    Five Ways Label Companies Can Create a Niche

    April 16, 2014

      When people refer to Sohn Manufacturing, they tend to lump them in with other label companies, but don’t be misled.  You can experience growth in the label or printing industry – often explosive growth – and you don’t have to be a “label company” at all.  It’s all based on finding the right niche. My colleagues and I use broad-based terms like “label company” and “printing industry” quite a bit, but companies like Sohn fall outside that purview.  They’re lumped into the mix when they provide ancillary businesses related to label printing.    If the name didn’t give it away, Sohn Manufacturing

  • Business Sense & Sensibility

    Carl Gerhardt

    Shrinking Your Way to Prosperity

    By Carl Gerhardt, Chairman, Alliance Franchise Brands | April 15, 2014

    I have said often that I think there is more fun and opportunity in this industry now than when I started in 1985; it’s just different. You have a big advantage in owning your own business and understanding this market. It simply takes action, hard work and the willingness to get some help and to think differently than in the past.

  • Mr. Magazine

    Need Versus Want – Why You Should Put Your Audience First? A Mr. Magazine™ Musing.

    April 22, 2014

    “As the Magazine is published mainly for the purpose of furnishing information that is usually kept from the public, and which should be known by everybody, I ask those who believe in the work to aid in giving it circulation.” Charles A. Lindbergh, Little Falls, Minnesota. Editor, Real Needs magazine, First issue, March 1916. Those […]

  • The Target Report

    March 2014 – Deals, Court Filings & Closures in the Printing, Packaging, Paper & Related Industries

    April 07, 2014

    Significant transactions were announced throughout the spectrum of packaging technologies in March, from the basics - paper making for packaging products, to the sophisticated - global management of brand identity at multiple print providers across the globe, many using different printing technologies. The traditional divide between commercial and packaging printers continues to blur as commercial printers seek opportunities in packaging where they can apply their talents, utilize their capital equipment investments, and transition to the packaging industry where they view a brighter long term future in the business of putting ink on substrate. One way to move into packaging is to

  • Ussery Printing Blog

    Link Print And Social Media For Results You’ll “Like.”

    March 31, 2014

    While social media is growing by leaps and bounds, it will not take the place of print advertising. In fact, print and social media advertising can successfully be done in tandem…and often for just a modest cost over print advertising alone. Both medias have strengths that, when combined, can produce results that are very profitable. […]

  • Cup-a-Joe blog

    Baseball in Australia?

    March 25, 2014

    The grass is just starting to green up in North Texas and trees are beginning to blossom – and I’m coughing and my nose is running. And that must mean that opening day is just around the corner. Well, not really. It already opened – in Australia. Australia? Yup, MLB is trying to attract a […]

  • Management Counts

    Ray Chambers

    ACUP: Coming up on 50 years

    | January 30, 2014

    Joe Goss, long-time printing director at Indiana University until he retired a year ago, introduced me to the Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) when I moved from the Texas Department of Human Resources to the University of Iowa in 1986 (I know, I’m showing my age), and I’ve been a member ever since. During that time ACUP has been a valuable resource, primarily by opening the door to its members’ knowledge and expertise. I also get to hang out with some really cool people.