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  • MarketingSherpa

    Social Media: How to turn customers into brand advocates

    April 11, 2014

    For many marketers, user-generated content is the upcycling opportunity of a lifetime. It’s free content created by brand advocates with a margin of credibility money can’t buy. Read this MarketingSherpa Blog post to learn about how Evin Catlett, Digital Marketing Manager, Amer Sports, found creative ways to repurpose user-generated content effectively.

  • InfoTrends Blog

    Cloud Storage Getting Serious About Photos?

    April 14, 2014

    In InfoTrends’ 2013 U.S. Cloud Services End-User Survey, more cloud service users said that they were storing photos than any other type of file, outpacing both music and video by about a 3-to-2 margin. Cloud services provide safe, secure, long-term storage, which is ideal for preserving the precious memories that many digital photos represent. But [...]

  • The Direct Marketing Voice

    Quick Tip Tuesday: April 8 – Sustainable Lead Generation for Real Estate

    April 08, 2014

    Whether you’re just getting started with real estate postcard marketing or you’re a seasoned pro, this week’s tip from Gary Keller’s book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is timeless advice. Build and sustain a solid lead generation program that emphasizes frequency and consistency, focused on leveraging your selling listings as the core theme. Turn one sale [...]The post Quick Tip Tuesday: April 8 – Sustainable Lead Generation for Real Estate appeared first on The Direct Marketing Voice.

  • Affinity Express Blog

    Getting to know Google+

    March 25, 2014

    Understanding social media is not a simple task, especially with all the channels that exist today. There are 15 popular active social networking sites and 40 other social networking sites that are available to companies and their potential customers. As much as business owners might be excited to try social media, the sheer volume of options is daunting! We recently had to reopen our Google account and start a new Google+ business page. In the process, we took note of our findings to offer you some advice. ESTABLISHING YOUR PAGE If you do not have a Google account, sign up. After you have

  • Digital Printing Hot Spot

    Why Case Studies Can Help You Successfully Sell Variable Data Print

    April 10, 2014

    Selling Variable Data Print requires a special approach. Buyers of these services are often being presented with a new way of thinking and being asked to accept an increased unit cost on their print. See how case studies can help you persuade them.

  • PrintMediaCentr

    1/1 With Thaddeus Kubis – Author, Guide To Integrated Marketing And Media Convergence

    April 11, 2014

    Thaddeus Kubris is a fellow blogger on Printing Impressions, and an active member of my LinkedIn Group Print Production Professionals. Thad is extremely passionate about the evolution of communications, and recently authored a book to help Printers adapt and profit in the integrated media world. I am still in the process of reading my copy, but […] Related posts: Rethinking the Marketing Funnel in a World of Social Media Making Old Media Marketing New Integrated marketing begins with experience Absolut Originality Campaign Adds NFC To Their Cross Media Marketing Cocktail The Power And Challenges Of Personalized Marketing Communications

  • interlinkONE Blog

    The Importance of Customer Relationship Management

    April 09, 2014

    Try to imagine, for a moment, being unable to tell family and friends apart or to distinguish them from strangers in a crowd. This is a real circumstance for some people, such as a woman, featured in this video, who suffered an injury in her work as a firefighter and who now experiences “face blindness” because of her injury. There […]The post The Importance of Customer Relationship Management appeared first on interlinkONE.

  • PODi Insights blog by Caslon

    ESKO Automation Engine – Bringing Efficiency to Packaging & Signage Workflows

    February 27, 2014

    Packaging, label, signage and display workflows have different needs than those for document production yet automation is equally critical for this type of work. I recently had the opportunity to have Dries Vandenbussche, Product Manager Server Platforms at ESKO show me ESKO’s Automation Engine workflow solution. It comprehends the differences needed to support these types [...]

  • Converging Technologies and Print

    Thaddeus B. Kubis

    New Year, New Blog

    By Thaddeus B. Kubis | January 06, 2014

    This year my blogging efforts are taking a different tack. I will introduce an interactive blog, one that will provide answers to the questions “What is integrated marketing communications and media convergence?” and “How can you the media provider provide and profit from these interrelated and interlinked marketing solutions?”

  • The Ballantine Blog

    Boosting Direct Mail Response Using Personalized URLs

    March 26, 2014

    We’ve all heard the story: Customers won’t entertain any advertisements that don’t pop up on their smart phones. Direct mail is dead. Publishing is over. Finished. Done. Fortunately for us all, that story is a fiction. Customers, on average, are processing literally … Continue reading → The post Boosting Direct Mail Response Using Personalized URLs appeared first on  - Ballantine Corp..

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